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I present you the transformation of a VB in Arcade (I took the idea on a fan of VB who has already done that).
The experience of games is really better with the fact of playing standing with arcade controllers, I rediscover some games.

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I remember this project https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EDHtZ-zBEDk !
I think yours turned out really nicely, and it’s very close to the source material.

Beautiful! About what did it cost to make?

Very nice project, very neat and a tribute to the Virtual Boy on its own!! Enjoy it.

mellott124 wrote:
Beautiful! About what did it cost to make?

280 euros (without the price of the Virtual Boy)

OMG that is gorgeous! I wish I had the wood and paint skills to make cool cabinets like that! I want one for the VB and the Jaguar, my 2 favorite systems!

That looks really cool! I can imagine the joystick setup would be pretty awesome to play in some games!

Good job!

Very nice! I’m glad you were able to get the controller wiring figured out :thumpup:

The only thing I might change is the white T-molding. It doesn’t really go with the VB color scheme, and it’s a bit garish. Probably looks wild under a blacklight, though 🙂

Question: does having the buttons under your wrists make it hard to play any of the games? I suppose there really isn’t a better layout without making the cabinet wider, though, huh?

PS: The Game&Watch cabinet is pretty cool, too! 😉

Looks great! Really like the thin cabinet you went for.


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