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I have always wondered why some Blockbuster rental cases have the label on right side up, and some have it on upside down. Defined as holding the case up by the handle, where right side up is the sticker being able to be read and upside down is the sticker being upside down. I have heard it may be because the employees at Blockbuster were the ones who put the stickers on? I’m curious as to how many there are of each kind. I’ll leave a list here of each kind, starting with mine. Mine came from a store in Plantation Florida. I have also attached the code that was on the Blockbuster sticker.

Right side up:

Upside down:
clonecman – Plantation, FL. -31211183552006

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I don’t know precisely, but those labels look like they’re applied by hand (especially that first one), so it could simply have been installation error, or orientation really didn’t matter.

I’ve had many a retail management positions. With almost certainty I can suggest that top-side up labels were done by employees who were told to apply stickers and did so with the understanding that it was a case for carrying. Bottom-side down labels were probably done by managers who understood the case was part of the sales presentation (EG: the label faces the side of the case that opens).


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