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copierAs well known, there are copiers – units to dump cartridges and play the dumped rom without the original game – for every other (Nintendo-) console. Many of you might have asked yourselves why there isn’t such a baby for Virtual Boy. Well, dreaming has an end now! After his VB Rumble Pak, DogP now presents another brilliant project. A detailed building guidance for a rewriteable Virtual Boy Cartridge (left picture) as well as a untit to read out VB modules, a so-called Dumper, has been added to his site – Project: VB – a few days ago. All among you, who can deal with a soldering iron (To which I do not count unfortunately), should therefore immediately pay Project: VB a visit. All the other people… go there as well, the site has a lot of very interesting stuff to offer.

Thanks to Amos Bieler, we finally got more info about the movie called “The Secret Agent Club” (German title “Der Spion mit der Lizenz zum Prügeln”), it is a rather bad movie an the Virtual Boy is misused as a torture instrument (!) in it. More info here.

Also added a new GameFaq by Brian Hodges about Waterworld as well as a new version of his Teleroboxer FAQ.

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