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Anyone know how do I remove the bottom plate from the counter top model? I’m trying to throughly clean my display and the bottom plate has lots of ridges which makes cleaning a bit of a pain. I was hoping there’s an easy way to take the bottom plate off and just hose em outside. 🙂

Aside that, all I got left is to splice in replacement wire and install a working VB display and my display’s all set and clean.

I also need to get my scanner hooked up to my parent’s PC as my PC’s blown up (read here) because the ad insert are different from hi res Canadian and you didn’t have any other high res version. It’s the same as the scan here, first and third panel from left on the top.

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How did it work out ?

It’s all working and good but I still haven’t figured out how to take the bottom plate off. Since the whole underside was covered with foam sheet I didn’t want to tear it. i ended up having to clean the whole bottom the hard way.

My scanner on the other hand decided to make loud rattling noise and not scan anything. 🙁 Time for a new scanner.


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