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I found this on the web when I searched for the manufacturer of the Virtual Boy display kiosk ….
I wanted to find out how many units did Nintendo ever released to stores such as Toy’s R or Wallmart .
anyways here is the link it might be an interesting read .

enjoy !


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That’s a ridiculous case, it hits her on the head and she pursues them for 2 years? The case lasted longer then the VB did.

Quite amusing, thanks for posting this!

Did you find anything of intersting in your research regarding the store displays by the way?

If a Virtual Boy unit had fallen off of a display and hit me in the head, I would have simply accepted the whole display itself as reimbursement for all my pains and suffering. 😉

found nothing about the display kiosks . I was simply going after the numbers like how many kiosks hit stores all of the world .
Really hard to get that number unless I contact the manufacturer for details old records . impossible 🙂

I would of taken the reimbursement also 🙂


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