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First I think I should say – wow, I never knew this site existed, great work! But like a lot of people I guess, you don’t look until you need something… so here goes:

When I last used my VB, a year or two ago, it took a while to get going but eventually came on and worked fine. I couldn’t tell if it was a loose connection 0 it just kinda seemed like it needed to be plugged in for 20 minutes…

Now I’ve got it out again, it seems dead and lifeless. I’ve got mains PSU rather than battery power and I’ve confirmed there is a voltage [13v] at the VB. The plug into the headset seems to have a voltage on some of the pins. But there’s no hum and nothing lights up. This is with or without a game. I now seem to have pushed the game port door inside so I can’t try with a game at the moment, hopefully I can hook it out somehow.

Are there any common faults that cause these symptoms of lifelessness that it’s worth checking out? Failing that, any advice on tracking down what the problem is?

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Hmmm never mind I found a few threads about possible voltage regulator problems.


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