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Hi everyone! Me again with another VB inquiry!

My Virtual Boy is missing the eye shade, and since it seems to be made out of a piece of thick foam/cloth I want to have one custom made by a taylor, but for that I’d need to provide some measurements.

It’d be great if anyone could take some basic measurements of their VB eyeshade (total length, height of the highest and lowest points, distance between them, preferably in millimeters) and if possible, post a picture of the eyeshade lying perfectly flat on a hard surface, just as a reference.

Thank you!

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Actually, the eyeshade is made of neoprene.

The measurements follow (sorry for the weird descriptions, but that’s the best I could think of):
The total length is 385 mm.
The lowest point (in the middle) is 23 mm away from the, um, baseline.
The far left and far right lines are 36 mm.
The highest points are 82 mm from the baseline.
The distance between the highest two points is 215 mm.

Hope that helps.

Here is an ASCII representation of the eyeshade:

       --------                 --------
     --        --             --        --
   --            --         --            --
 --                -- Lpt --                --
|                    -----                    |

     Hpt=Highest point    Lpt=Lowest point

Note that there are holes in the eyeshade through which you attach it to the black plastic piece that you put on the Virtual Boy. I might take measurements of where they are, or someone else will.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

I’ve made this quick drawing in mspaint by interpreting your description. Is everything correct?

Also if it’s not too much trouble, what is the value of x and is it symmetrical?


X is about 90 mm. I had a bit of difficulty measuring it (the eyeshade automatically rolls due to being curved all the time) so it would be good if someone would verify it.

What do you mean by symmetrical? The eyeshade as a whole is symmetrical.

I have a spare eye shade and holder if needed.

Let me know


I could actually use a spare eye shade and holder as well… how much do you want for it?

Here is a PDF. Hopefully this will work for you!

I set the PDF to A4 paper, because if you use mm, then I don’t think you use letter sized paper in your country!.

Print it, make a few measurements based off of HorvatMs measurements to make sure it is good, then give it to the taylor 🙂


Awesome! Could you post the entire scan even if it doesn’t fit on standard paper? I can print it out on A3 paper so size is not a problem:-D.

Thanks again!

I know it’s not the shade itself, but I had this lying around on my HDD and it’s vaguely relevant, so I figured I’d post it…

If you set it to 76.2 dpi (30 pixels/cm) you can print it out full size. I’ve known people to make these out of cardboard (there may still be a post here about it…).


Unfortunately my scanner cannot fit the whole thing! But I see no problem becasue you can just mirror the one side. If a jpg or something would be better I could upload that as well, but if you give that to a taylor, they should be able to make you your piece.

Here’s a composite picture of it:

Woot! Necro-post, FTW! 🙂

Upon revisiting this thread, I realized I had a modified version of 133MHz’s diagram that includes the value of “x” (which I measured closer to 85mm), so here it is.



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