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The latest issue of Retrogamer, Issue 64, has a very well-written and well researched 5 page article about the history of the Virtual Boy which you should not miss.
Thanks to our reader diisco, here’s scans of the article: http://www.vr32.de/modules/articles/?s163001.

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Cool… well written and well researched, but not without some errors. Much better than most articles that just go on about how bad it was and how you’d get a massive headache after playing it for 5 minutes 😛 .


Great article… like usual from the reto gamers team. Bad thing about it, is that the hype started again and all ebay auctions are endig with ridicoulus $$$$. Anyway, that article made me dig out my VB again and play some rounds so :thumpup:

Great article I love how it mentions this site and other vb sites


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