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Hey everyone, I’m new here! I have tested Wario Land in two emulators so far: RealityBoy and VBjin. In both of them, the game runs at 50 FPS for me instead of 60 FPS, so the timer is a bit fast.

These screenshots were taken frame-perfect from a video I recorded, by the way, so 8232 was the first frame the clock was on 17:46, and 8282 was the first frame the clock was on 17:45.

Side-by-side with videos I found on YouTube, the clock still runs fast, so it should be safe to rule out the possibility of Wario Land internally running at 50 FPS.

My monitor output set 60Hz, so this baffles me all the more. Is there some simple setting somewhere that I’m missing? Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

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Welcome to the site!

Actually, the VB’s native framerate is 50 Hz. It can’t be changed because that’s the fundamental frequency of the vibrating mirrors (they act like pendula). I’ve actually confirmed this by wiring one of the galvos up to a headphone plug and using my soundcard to drive it. It works great at 50 Hz, with a nice loud hum and wide deflection. Even a few Hz off and it barely moves.

Besides, if it’s running fast, it’s because the emulator is using your display’s 60 Hz timing, when it should be 50 Hz (not the other way around, which would make it slow).

Further evidence: when displaying the VB on larger displays at conventions, they used PAL video, because it is also 50 Hz, instead of (59.94 Hz) NTSC (which was the standard in Japan).

Even when I first played WL on hardware, I noticed that the timer seemed to be running a bit fast. I don’t think it’s actually meant to display minutes/seconds (or maybe they just gave up trying to get it to do that).

Wow, RunnerPack, what an amazing explanation! Thank you for answering my question and giving such a warm welcome! The thing about NTSC being the standard in Japan, the Virtual Boy’s country of origin, was also a reason the 50 FPS threw me off, I didn’t even see it coming. Thanks again, you have been a great help! 🙂

You’re welcome. Glad you liked it 🙂


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