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While playing around with some various famicom items that arrived today, I realised I could make a very comfortable VB head mount using the famicom 3D system as a base.

Now, I know youre all thinking “Noo! Don’t ruin the rare expensive 3D system!” However, these usually go on yahoo japan for the equivalent of about Β£10 UK ($20 dollars or therebouts) brand new.

Here are some pics of the 3D system compared to the VB:


I look forward to your replies, and I’ll keep you all posted on this when I get round to it…


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I don’t think it will work, the VB is much to heavy… Maybe better take some sort of helmet or so. Then there also isn’t the sacrileg of destroing a Famicon 3D system πŸ˜‰

I’m gonna try to rip out anything unnecessary (speakers, stand mount, unnecessary plastic, etc etc)

Maybe lose a little weight…

Oh, thanks for your enthusiasm πŸ˜›

Later all

What is a Nintendo 3D system? Was that UK only?

No it was japan only. From what i can gather it uses LCD technology to give a 3d effect (don’t ask me how ive never used it)

shutterglasses, just like the ones for Sega Master System…

and the ones I use on my PC and DVD player πŸ˜‰

So, what happened with this project? Did it ever make it beyond the idea phase? It sounds intriguing.

Funny you should say that… I haven’t checked this furom for a long while, and about half hour ago I decided to go and make it.

It fits nicely and is relatively comfortable. Looks OEM too, heres the pics:




It took 5 minutes and I didn’t even have to open the console!

People should try this, you can get the famicom 3d unit for about $10 on yahoo japan.

let me know what you all think


Wouldn’t it be too heavy?

yeah im removing heavy bits but its ok

Inside teh VB there is a metal frame that the displays are atached to. This piece weighs a lot! If I was lightening a VB I would find a way to reduce or eliminate this piece. For starters you could remove unnecicary bits of metal with a dremal tool, and for the daring you could replace it with a shete of plastic.


Yeah! it’ll be just like lightening a flywheel ;p

I’ll keep you posted

Heh… and they say that the Virtual Boy is too bulky to mount on one’s head…

AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Kill it with fire! Or Plasmids (its a Big Daddy combined with a Little sister, right?)


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