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just 2 random questions I guess
In Mario tennis under multimedia there is some mp3 from the game

1. What is VS screen? (was it supposed to say VB screen?)
2. What do you mean by demo play?, is it the music from a Mario tennis demo cartridge?

If anyone has music from the vb games exept Mario tennis and galactic pinball plz put it here since I was thinking of making a vb soundtrack video and put on youtube and plz its my idea so dont copy

All vb music I have is the mp3s of Mario tennis from this site and this http://vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/virtualboy/index-classic.html

Ill probably put up a video with soundtracks from the games, but if anyone has better quality mp3s plz put it here or something

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theres a song in jack bros that i think is pretty sweet.

not to derail this, but there is a song, ‘the moon’ on the ducktales NES game that is really popular online. there are bands that rock out to it and what not.


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