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Shigeru Miyamoto relumes the speculation about a revival of the Virtual Boy on Nintendo 3DS’s Virtual Console during an interview with GameSpot at E3. When asked if there was any interest in bringing Virtual Boy games to the 3DS, Miyamoto answered:

Well, that’s not my exact plan, but something like that could happen. I can say that in my photo album on my Nintendo 3DS, there is a photo of a Virtual Boy. So that says that I do have a Virtual Boy at my disposal. [laughs]

It seems Virtual Boy fans don’t have to give up hope just yet. The question to ask might be whether Nintendo is willing to put that much attention on what was a huge commercial failure after they have swept it under the rug for so many years. They seem to have become more open to the topic lately, though, and even talked about the VB in a recent issue of Iwata Asks, which is definitely a good thing.

Another point to think about would be the very small library of only 22 games that were released for the system, plus a handful of finished but unreleased titles. Out of which only 14 were released in the US. Would that be enough material for re-releases on the Nintendo 3DS? If you ask me,Virtual Boy Wario Land alone would be worth it.

The Virtual Boy will celebrate the 16th anniversary of its introduction to the (Japanese) market on July 21st, wouldn’t that be a good opportunity? Cross your fingers!

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I still hope that, is a very cool idea, a will like some graphics but with color, super!


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