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My first poll, anyway this poll is about what do you rather the gameboy or the virtual boy, and you can also say things like if more games like such and such were on the virtual boy id pick it, etc.

Virtual boy:


i personally rather the virtual boy, portable or not, its a bigger screen, it has 3d effects that are impressive, and the graphics are like super nintendo

the gameboy games were black and white small screen and impossible to even play if you werent in the right position of lighting otherwise the screen was to dark or too reflective.

so yeah comments etc you can post as well (not sure how the poll thing works or wether its just a thread stating a poll is on it).

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I would have to say game boy actually, it meant a lot to me growing up with all its great games, also being my first nintendo system aside from game & watch.

For dev stuff and programming new games and demos I prefer the virtual boy though, mainly because of the small scene and because everything hasn’t been done twice already for it.

On a “cool” factor, I would choose the Virtual Boy. As with pretty much everyone on this site – I love the system and no matter how much I play, I’m still engrossed in it’s uniqueness.

If I could only own one though, it would have to be the Game Boy. It was the first system I owned as a kid, and there’s a lot of good memories tied into playing it.

Thanks for the posts, i have to agree with you people on the uniqueness of the virtual boy, when i was about 7 or so i got a gameboy, never even heard of the virtual boy until last year, 2008.

I also thought gunpei yokoi was still alive making these metroid games, like the third one but last year i found out what happend to him.

i really do think that the virtual boy would of had alot of thinking put into it, and i guess if i think about it back then, would i rather a virtual boy with a limited amount of set games, a costly price or a small portable gaming device, black and white great games like mario bros, donkey kong, metroid 2.

Either way the virtual boy never got released in Australia so i would of never had the chance of buying one.

I just got my VB and some games and I have to admit how impressed I am! VB is totally unique home gaming experience and not so bad for eyes as people like to say. Despite of its red n’ black tech graphics give impressive 3D Paper Mario effect in Wario Land. I also love the overall design of the system. It is cool.

Actually I bought VB just because its so called ugly look and legendary market failure made me curious and I wanted to experience the system myself. So I bought it from eBay for my 30th birthday. I was lucky, the system is in mint condition and Blockbuster hard case is just a cherry on the cake. I am sure it helped to survive my VB traveling overseas.

To the poll VB or GB 🙂

Although my new love is VB it is really hard to say. And my collection of GB’s from original to GBASP (GB Light included) do not help either. I am crazy for original GB games (I own 250 of those old original gray carts) so if I have to go to lonely island for years I’ll definitely pick my GB collection with all games (and power generator) and miss VB with sorrow.

So GB wins


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