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Hi All!

(I’ll post this up on my site later on http://www.JohnnyPhantom.me)
Over the years of Virtual Boy Collecting and repair, I have accumulated, a bunch of Virtual boy parts that I don’t really need.

Curious if anyone would like them.
Make me some offers πŸ˜›

I have about 5 head units that work (but are missing the eye optical/display transmitter boards/cables)

I have 1 spare visor

I also have 1 spare controller and Battery Box.

(the controller works, but has scuff marks on it)

I’ll upload some photo’s to my site and here later.

Let me know what you need ^-^

(I also have a few extra games cart only but gonna donate them towards the Flash-boy project and hopefully get a discount on a Flash boy)

I’ve recently had a very bad experience with the Virtual Boy from a seller, if anyone wants to know that story I’ll post it as well.

Thanks Everyone!!!

(I’m looking for 2 games if anyone can help, the US version of Jack Bros and Water World)

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post the story. i was majorly fucked over by some jerk on ebay who listed all these games in a collection that weren’t really in it and the ones that were happened to be in terrible condition. it sucked. and it all smelled like smoke.

Mine was from a user here,
but wasn’t done via this site kinda.

He had a post here for Jack Brothers, I offered to buy it, he accepted.

Then I found out he had more games I needed from a site called Chase the Chuck Waggon (a video game auction site)

We made a deal (outside of both sites) for:
2 dust caps
3D Tetris
Galactic pinball
Jack Bros
Mario Clash
Nesters Funky Bowling
Vertical Force
Virtual League Baseball
Water world
Flash boy

And he had a used Virtual boy head unit he was also going to throw in.
all for $230!
Figured SCORE!

so a week goes by, and we kept in constant email contact. After a week he investigates why i haven’t gotten the package. a week goes by it turns up at his post office. He said that the problem was my address got torn from the package, but his was still on it so he was able to claim it. So he got the package, re packaged it, and threw in a copy of Insmouse no Yakata free! for the wait, and he would put packing tape covering the entire label so it would not get torn this time.

And this time had a tracking number!

So it gets to my city and state via USPS. But the day it said it would arrive, it didn’t. Was a problem with the package address again, and only after did it come all the way to my post office did it go back to the sender in Ohio. He gets the package back again, and says looks like water got on it and the ink ran. (weird that water got onto a label that was sealed with tape. And said he will send it fed ex with another bonus game (wario) now on friday.

Friday came, and i got a email saying couldn’t send it today but will on the next day Saturday. Saturday came and went (a month ago now) and still nothing, no more word from the seller, nothing.

What’s weird is the seller was always freindly, and responded to any email within a few hours to a day of time. He has not been on this site since October 8th was his last log in and the package was supposed to be sent around October 17th I think.

And October 14th-ish was also the 60 days to claim cut off from paypal.

So I’m not sure if either I was scammed and was just delayed till 60 days for the paypal. Or if something happened to the seller. Not sure. What is you guys opinion?

Right now My Bank is working on recovering the money.

he was scamming you. theres no way that sort of thing would happen twice like that. also, why would he throw in insmouse like that? seems a little too nice.

Did he give you the tracking number, or just send you updates on its location via email?

Because, if you had the number, and it was a scam, wouldn’t the USPS have to be in on it?

The First Attempt, no tracking
The Second Attempt, there was. And I called the post office several times and my postal carrier. And it seems that all the box had was the return address and Just my city and state. (there’s alot more details to this entire case that just may be to much and too confusing to write it all down)

The 3rd attempt was to be the fedex… but never happened.


I’m gonna give the seller a few more days to contact me.
before I go public with his name, profile name here, and his myspace page I found. (hasn’t been on this site ore on myspace in months :/ ) he has two buddies on myspace, both claim to not have heard from him in a while… sooo… idunno if he’s legit not around, or cover up.

definitely give his name if he doesn’t come clean soon. i do trading and dont want to be ripped off.

I’m gonna make a post. About Trader Reviews, I think it would be great to have a “Safe List” to see who’s a good investment in trades.

Would you mind sharing with us some of the trustworthy folk you traded with?


Hi John

just dropped you an eamil as im after a right hand side screen if you have one please let me know


sorry, no eye pieces yet πŸ™ i have 3 systems now with no eyes. I often just buy units on ebay and steal that part out. Im thinking with a lot of patience and determination I may just hardwire new wires to the eye board and to the main board of the Virtual boy,

I do have 6 spare eye board with bad ribbon cables and 3 systems with nothing… Maybe I’ll give it a shot on 1 πŸ˜›


[…] I may just hardwire new wires to the eye board and to the main board of the Virtual boy […]



Exactly like that!


well if you manage to pull that off mate and have some for sale give me a shout πŸ™‚ although i may try myself looks painfully slow but worth it in the end πŸ™‚


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