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A CES ’95/Shoshinkai ’94 Virtual Boy Prototype is now on ebay! :woah:

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Drats! I just came here thinking I would beat you to the news….I want that sooo bad.

That’s awesome! That’s FireWSP’s system, correct? I thought that had the different pinout and only played the prototype carts (like Space Pinball)? If not, that’s probably later than the early protos used at CES ’95/Shoshinkai ’94.


No, it looks similar but not the same.
This one is better.

Hmm, maybe some evil soul replaced its guts with a production model’s to make it play all games 😛

unlikely 🙂

and the vb goes to mr. rezrov sniper for $1.920 (EUR 1.504). congrats. 😀


Is that someone from here? 😉

If I had money to burn I would have made that thing mine.


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