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Hi Everyone!
To let everyone know I’m still doing repairs for the virtual Boys, so far I’ve been getting great feed back and no problems. I hope this continues ^-^

However due to a lot of life changes coming up (getting Married this year, work, studies for my Apple Re-Certs, and more I may not get/forget to respond/ or completely miss your repair emails.

I’m also in the progress of re-doing my site (www.johnnyphantom.me) and (trying) working on iPhone Apps for the Virtual Boy

So I’ve been Busy Busy Busy πŸ˜›

that doesn’t mean I don’t want to fix Virtual Boy’s anymore. I do!

Just may have to send me a few emails to get my attention ^-^

Sorry about that ^-^

I LOVE my virtual boy, I enjoy helping people get their systems working again, and I really like the collection of VB related stuff/files I gathered over the years

~Johnny Phantom

(almost forgot, I’m also working on a few Secret Projects!)

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Hmm, let me guess, the project is a flash cart.

nope… well… yea. but that’s no secret πŸ˜›

I got other projects as well that are hush hush (only because i don’t wanna get half way done, have peoples interest up and then quit.)


Hey All, If anyones going over to my site lately you’ll notice that it’s down,

Right now I’m in the middle of revamping it and changing servers from my MobileMe server to my own Mac Mini with OS X 10.6 on it.

While I’m revamping my site,

What would you all like to see added/changed to it?


Johnny Phantom wrote:
While I’m revamping my site,

What would you all like to see added/changed to it?


I can’t remember the exact layout you had but I think having easy access to previous and recent repairs would be good on the front page. That way new comers can see the work that you’ve done so far and read the praise from your customers. Maybe pics of damaged VB boards and repaired shots. Some super models playing BLOX 2 Ok yeah I’m getting silly πŸ˜› You could put up a price guide… Like I said before these may not be new ideas all I can say to everyone reading this…Johnny Phantom knows what hes doing 😎 So again if you need one fixed this is your guy! Johnny fixed mine 3 months ago and its still working like new!!! I used DogP’s VB Display Test App and the screens are perfect thanks for that app by the way DogP “SO HEY MAN DON’T WAIT! GLITCHY SCREEN? RETALIATE! E-MAIL THE PHANTOM TODAY!!!” Thers a slogan for your site πŸ˜€

Later πŸ™‚

whats the deal with mirrored images layered over each other? i dont remember reading about that problem before, but i never did pay too much attention to that stuff…

If you have mirrored images overlaid, it means that the display select line isn’t working correctly. Basically, both displays use the same wires except one to select whether the left or right screen is drawn at a time, and if the display is constantly being selected, you’ll get both screens drawn on one display (and mirrored because they’re drawn in opposite directions).


Ah, the ellusive Johnny Phantom. I was wodering what was going on with the whole website thingy.

I got a sick VB. Got it for Christmas and the right eyepiece doesn’t display any images (or just displays red lines). I sent you a couple e-mails, but I guess they got lost in limbo. Still up for doing some repairs?

Yea sorry been having some issues of late with the site as well as lots of life obstacles πŸ˜›

Current obstacle is Godaddy.com.. grrr… well.. I don’t know if it’s really them just yet..

Weird Issues. and it only effect Safari users.

I’ve been working on the site, applying a new iweb theme to it and changing a few items here and there. When I get a few moments I gotta take some pictures and add them to my site and replace all them… “borrowed” images i “borrowed” online.

But I sure am still fixing Virtual Boys, shoot me off a email at JohnnyPhantom@mac.com and I’ll do my best to get back to you, I’ve been loosing emails lately so it may take a try or two.

Thanks everyone!


Alright, sent off the e-mail last night. Let me know what you think.

OKAY! My site is back online ^-^

Its not 100% done just yet but its like.. 98% gotta fix a few places here and there but for the most part it’s visitor ready ^-^


Your sites looking top notch!!! Really digging the comic book theme! Awesome keep it up man !!! 😎

Ah yes the comic book theme ^-^ just another predefined template in iWeb.. THANKS APPLE ^-^

I just gotta polish it a lil more here and there. Then I can start working on the RPG project… and that forum post is gonna come soon as well πŸ˜›

Did you get the e-mail that I sent you?

Hi, I’ve sent a couple emails to you over the last two weeks but haven’t heard back from you. Are you still doing these repairs? I desperately need someone to fix my vb.


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