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anikiii has released several rips of soundtracks for Virtual Boy games. These are high quality stereo mp3 rips taken from the games running in the Mednafen emulator.

VB – Galactic Pinball OST.zip (59 MB)
VB – Jack Bros. OST.zip (92 MB)
VB – Mario Clash OST.zip (49 MB)
VB – Mario’s Tennis OST.zip (74 MB)
VB – Teleroboxer OST.zip (41 MB)

The soundtracks for Galactic Pinball, Mario’s Tennis and Teleroboxer have already been released in early November. Apologies for being late on these.

You will soon be able to download these as well as other soundtracks from the Multimedia sections of the respective game pages as well as listen to the individual tracks of these soundtracks directly.

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