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I recently purchased a second hand VB and when it arrived the clip that holds the VB onto the stand was in pieces, like so:

The stand looks like this:

How do you reassemble these parts? As far as I can see nothing is broken so hopefully I can just put it all back together – or am I missing a piece?

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Yes, you can put it back together. I just don’t remember exactly how. I’m pretty sure you put the metal clip behind the smaller plastic piece, hold them together and slide them up into the other part of the stand until they click. I think. Just another thing: Your pieces in the picture look slightly different from the ones I had in my stand. You probably have a different type of stand, but it should be able to be fixed the same way (more or less). If that doesn’t work, just try it another way, because I was able to fix one before. Hope you get it fixed quickly!

Thanks for the info! I’ve bent the metal piece into more of a ‘U’ shape and done as you said, and it seems to have fixed it! Still, this is a shoddy design and I predict it will fall apart again soon. My stand also has a large crack where the legs pivot and I assume that will give way soon.

Nintendo really did make a dog’s dinner of this stand, didn’t they? 🙁


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