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Back in the day, if you broke something on your Virtual Boy stand, you couldn’t simply go to a store and buy a new stand or replacement parts. Instead, you had to special order the parts directly through Nintendo themselves. You would’ve done this by searching for the Part Number and Part Name on the last page in your Virtual Boy’s Instruction Booklet, which happens to be a Virtual Boy Parts List and Order Form. You could’ve ordered the parts directly over the phone, or by filling out the Order Form from the Instruction Booklet then mailing it to Nintendo.

Pictured below, is a kit for replacing the Stand Clamp. Nintendo mailed these out to consumers along with an Instruction Sheet to help make for easy replacement. Although the Stand Clamp and other parts for the VB aren’t exactly THAT rare, what is rare are these Instruction Sheets that were mailed with the specific part ordered. This Kit is even complete with the original invoice.

This makes me wonder if there exist other Instruction Sheets for other parts of the Virtual Boy, like Eyeshade and Holder, and every other part mentioned in the Parts List and Order Form?

I couldn’t find this Instruction Sheet anywhere here on the website, but it could be that it’s just hidden deep somewhere.

Either way, here it is! 😁👍

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that is a cool find. thanks for posting.


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