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Yea i got the idea to pass time until i get laptop back [ which means i can start getting into more of the VB Coding stuff ]
Im gona update my myspace and stuff maybe make it more virtual boy friendly, it sucks right now.
but here is it so far,

I hope you don’t mind if i use an image or two from your website,
i am adding the banner to link to website at TOP of my myspace once i finish the code πŸ˜€
So don’t worry your going to get Linked up!
πŸ™‚ im asking for permission though to use some of the images,

if you find im doing something wrong, or care to suggest,
please DO! I don’t mind.

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sure, use what you need!

ALRIGHT! thanks πŸ˜€
I need to make the top banner bigger if you look at it, its only in the top left corner, i need to make it span the entire page.
Then i need to fine tune the code to give the background of my picture area where it displays name, age, location, to have background,

and ill keep fine tuning it as i go along

It has cursor but no ad in IE
Firefox has Ad but no cursor, and scrollbars,
So gotta do that, πŸ˜€
im trying to pass time till i get laptop back to start on my ideas i got going.


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