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On October, 4th 1995 the UK television show “Bad Influence!” featured the Virtual Boy. Another VERY interesting feature could be seen on the UK show “Movies Games and Videos”, which reported from the Shoshinkai show in 1994. Click the images below to watch these features. A BIG thank you to James from http://bad-influence.co.uk/ for the clips! Be sure to check out his website as well for more gaming nostalgia.

bad_influence_vb_feature mgv_shoshinkai_feature

Part of the Shoshinkai Feature are cam recordings of Space Pinball, Mario Bros. VB and the Mario Demo! Click the images below to watch those clips.

space_pinball_shoshinkai_94 mario_bros_vb_shoshinkai_94 mario_demo_shoshinkai_94

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omg KRI55E, thank you SO much for the bad influence stuff. That show is where I first heard of the bvb when I was 9 years old. Never thought I’d see it again!


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