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Hey, would it be possible to compile one of the emulators to work with Twilight Hack or Homebrew Channel? Also, even though Nintendo tried to block the hack, a workaround is available for download.

I would attempt programming one myself, but I don’t under stand C/C++ (which ever one the .ELF files use)

It could easily use the GameCube’s two analogs to emulate the two D-pads, and there are far more than enough buttons on it.

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It probably could… IIRC someone ported Red Dragon to xbox, and I think PSP as well.


Here’s a link to an article on installing devkitPPC (a homebrew Wii devkit) under linux. They also have a Windows installer, though. I have the GBA/DS version of devkitPro, and it works fine on Windows.


It’ll take quite a lot of work, unless those ones DogP mentioned are OSS. The original uses Allegro which, AFAIK, hasn’t been ported to Wii, yet.


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