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Blake Siefken shows a VHS rip of a cheesy Virtual Boy commercial called “You Have to See It to Believe It”. It was also featured (in a slightly shorter version) on the Nintendo Power Preview v11 Laserdisc.

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Very cool video! Thanks for sharing this, the cool thing is that they really do not make a fuss about the black/redness and just openly tell the VB is black and red. I think this video really does make a cool advertisement: No one else is making 3D systems, ONLY NINTENDO!!!!!

I like this one as well. Not only is it totally 90’s, it really is a great advertisement. It definitely makes me want one…if, you know, I didn’t already have one (or two =P)

i want to go out and buy another one!

Why did they show a whole bunch of still concept images instead of real actual gameplay? If it wasn’t ready yet, then why make the video so soon? Anyway, it is a great video.

The big mistake was only red led, because color used more battery, but almost all used adaptader AC, then was problem? if we used AC adapter dont batterys, VB in color was very very cool!


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