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I joined these forums back in 2008 but my account doesn’t let me log in even though the password’s right, after an hour of fiddling with it I just made a new account, hope you don’t mind.

Anyway, I would like to talk about the game. Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii, probably the system’s most iconic game.

I am currently in development of a mod for that game that changes the stages and P1 costumes Red and Black. As well as changing the items and trophies a little bit. In this mod 1-Player mode becomes inaccessible, but anyway.

Doing more than changing the characters and stages, it also re-themes the stages after Virtual Boy titles, changes the items, the stage music, and adds a few new characters into Brawl, including Chevralo (robot from Bound High!) and Professor Hector from Gyromite. I am very excited about this project, but I cannot talk about it right now as I’m about to leave for a driving lesson.

However when I return later on tonight, I will discuss it further. My development team consists of two people, me and a friend. This mod will not cost a thing, but I cannot host the ISO for this version of Brawl, instead the individual files needed to patch the game and instructions to do so, will be posted by me on another website.

A title for this mod hasn’t been decided, but I’m calling it “Virtual Brawl 32”.

I have to leave for a driving lessons, but when I return I shall discuss the mod in greater detail.

Pictures of the mod will be posted next week.

For those unfamiliar with the process of texture editting brawl, there is more information on the PROCESS, but not the mod I’m doing, just the process used, on this site. http://stacksmash.cultnet.net
(I am not a representive of the Stack Smash site, nor am I affliated with them, therefore Virtual Brawl 32 will not be posted on that site, I will get a site myself for VB32, the link is merely being posted to educate those unfamiliar with texture hacking to get a better idea of what I intend to do with Brawl)

Please ask any and all questions, and I will respond to them around 8pm EST.

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sorry doesnt sound to good
If you will take of the 1 player mode then I think hardly anyone will play since hardly anyone can make the 2 player link cable and how many really have friends who also own a vb? you get the point

akumie, did you actually read his post? ~_~

anyway, this sounds intesting hawl, how about some screenshots? is there anything to show yet?

I’m honored to have an admin of the only site dedicated to Nintendo’s fallen solider interested in my work, sadly all we have done is concept art of the new Sandbag.

I hope to start on the first character, Virtual Kirby tonight.

The idea is that this is a version of Brawl from a future and an alternative universe where the Virtual Boy was so successful it has lasted decades and many add-ons were made. All things not red are considered uncool and lame.

In the mod everyone’s Player 1 costume will be made red, with the exception of Mr. Game And Watch since his textures are NOT possible for me to edit. I will also attempt to cel-shade them so they look a little more, spritey.

In addition, there may be OTHER reprucussions of this, change in the universe. What else could be different?
I won’t say, but the Player 1 skins will be completely red, the others, will have some suprises that may satisfy those curious about Dragon Hopper and Bound High! to some degree. As well as fans of other discontinued franchises.

Too some extent, Professor Hector (from Gyromite), Chevalo, and Dorin The Dragon will be playable. In addition to a few original creations that I think will be well liked.

The stages will be made Virtual Boy themed with some pre-existing VB games finally getting honored on the big screen.

Clash Tower
Pirate’s Treasure Cave
Water World
are three of the stage names

I will start on VB Kirby and a character I will not name tonight, and when I can, I will post pictures, sometime within a week, unless something goes horribly wrong.

If anyone has suggestions for Items, Characters, and Stages please email me at virtualbrawl32@gmail.com

Please keep in mind that I cannot add to the game, I can merely change the current contents, so although new characters can get in, they’ll use the same moveset as a pre-existing character, so please keep that in mind when sending me suggestions.

Also Akumie, this isn’t going to be released on Virtual Boy, too few people would play it. I’m making this so the world knows that I love the Virtual Boy and that it’s a great system worth remebering. Also I don’t even know where to begin programming for the Virtual Boy nor own a Flash Boy, so that’s a big barrier around a VB release of this game ever existing right there. Not meaning to sound rude.

yes I did read it and I still have not chnged my mind
“In this mod 1-Player mode becomes inaccessible, but anyway.”

Then read it a third time akumie (!)
The game is not FOR vb, so you won’t need a vb link cable to play 2 players. It’s a mod for a wii game, which still makes it a wii game, that you play on wii (!)

Sounds really cool. I didn’t know that modifying a Wii game was possible. Great work!


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