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Introducing…The Virtual Juice!
The ultimate USB power solution for your Virtual Boy system

This new design will upgrade and replace any existing AC Tap adapter (compatible with all OEM controllers), incorporating new features:

– Micro USB input (compatible with USB power banks for portable power)​
– Upgraded power filtering using modern DC-DC conversion​
– Resettable fuse for overcurrent protection​
– Power indicator LED​
– Easily extendable using USB extension cables
– Sleek modern design with the smallest size of *any* current power adapter for Virtual Boy!​

Taking limited preorders starting 1/1/2022!
First come, first serve for the discounted Early Bird Special which will also include secret bonus prizes, including gift cards for Stone Age Gamer!

Pre-order for $89.00 USD
Ask about discounted unassembled or barrel jack options

Contact to order: https://segasonicfan.wixsite.com/retro/contact


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Nice work sir!

Thanks! 🙂 Also made a fun promo here:

Ever test this with a portable battery? I’m curious how long your standard 10000mah one would last as far as making the VB portable since the old AA battery life was a joke.

Yep, Im gonna some of those tests, much to do! 🙂


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