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OK, today we have a very special thing for you, our friend Brandon Tabassi wrote a great review of Virtual Lab!! Reviews of Space Invaders and Virtual Bowling are going to follow, yippiieeee!

The Big.N-Scans seemed to be messed up because of some errors while the process of uploading. I reupped them, I only had to scan page 1 again, now everything should work fine.

I also upped new screenshots of Mario Clash, Red Alarm (both with a new design!) and Virtual Lab. And the frontpage of the screenshots-section got a new design. We now have a total of 159 screenshots, new will follow soon!

At the moment i’m redesigning and updating the unreleased section and the picarchive will be ready to be upped soon. Plus DrAetzn plans to scan the japanese manual of Red Alarm this weekend.

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