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Hey all,
I have a Virtual Tap that needs the crystal oscillator replaced, but there’s no marking on the board for the orientation. Does anyone have an up close shot of the PCB?

I just need a picture of the tiny silver metal square (OSSC) that looks like this:

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The photo didn’t load, and I don’t have a board or part to look at, but, assuming it’s not just a quartz crystal, which can be put in either way, you could use an ohm meter to find the GND pad and check the datasheet for the oscillator to see which way to put it.
Hope that helps!

Thanks for pointing out the broken link, I just fixed it.

I’m sure to do some sleuthing under the microscope and opening up data sheets, reverse engineer some of the board to try to find the pinout. Was just trying to save myself some headache, in case anyone could upload a photo.


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