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although my skill doesn’t lie in programming it does lie in art I can create 2d and 3d graphics and I dare say I am fairly skilled at it. I like you want Planet Virtual Boy to be the best site on the internet with the best homebrew games to date so I am offering my services free of charge (if you wish starting in September). My limitations are simple they are right now I do not possess a pixel editor but I do have Painter and am sufficent with it I think Ive come up with a way to understand depth in the 2d graphics end of it so we together could get some nice 3d effects to it. Also I do not own a flashboy so I could not test the graphics out for my self. Anyway tell me if you are interested.

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I’m curious… Is there a reason you felt this shouldn’t have been a PM (private message) to VirtualChris or, at the very least, posted in the existing Insect Combat thread?

Don’t get me wrong… it’s nice that you want to contribute to VB homebrew development, but let’s not needlessly clutter the forums KR155E is nice enough to provide at no cost. A good “rule-of-thumb” might be that, if the subject of your thread begins with a user’s name, it’s probably best to use a PM, instead.


Hello Runnerpack,
I need once again to apologize for proper etiquette. As you can read from my profile that I am a newbie (even though Ive been refering to PVB for at least 2 years now). I did not know about private messages and I still don’t know how to send one (Heck I still haven’t figured out how to change my profile image yet). As far as sending it on the Incect Combat thread that was I was in a hurry and I did’nt have time to read all of the posts (some of them saying that he’s looking for artists for sprite editing. I should of read all of the posts then posted a comment but I didn’t. As far as starting a new thread I just wanted him to see that I wanted to create original graphics for him. I want to contribute to Planet Virtual Boy, and I can’t through programming. So I want to contribute the only way I can through art.

Don’t want to get offtopic, but lend a helping hand to a newbie:

– PMs, your profile and other user specific stuff can be accessed through the user bar on top of the website. Profile details editing and setting of an avatar can be found in the “Profile” tab dropdown.

– PMs are best sent by going to a user’s profile and clicking the “PM” button in the box labelled contact “Contact”.

Once you figured out PMs, feel free to PM me if you have any more questions. 😉

Thanks Kri55e I appricate your help and Ill be sure to ask for more help when needed thanks again
Morintari 🙂

No apology needed, Morintari. I didn’t realize you hadn’t yet familiarized yourself with the site’s facilities.

To add to KR155E’s info: a quick method for sending a PM to someone whose post you’re reading is to use the drop-down box to the upper-left containing their user-name. Just choose the “PM” option and a PM to them should pop up.

You can also get to a user’s profile (to use the “PM” button) by clicking their name in, for example, the “Recently Replied Topics” side-bar. This works practically anywhere a user-name is displayed on the site (as long as it’s a link).

Hi, Morintari, I sent you a PM back. Hope you got it. PM me back if you saw it.


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