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Furrtek is now offering “VirtualTap“, an embeddable video-out mod board for the Nintendo Virtual Boy for a price of 40 EUR. It’s a small board that goes in between the mainboard’s connector and any of the two displays’ ribbon cable.


  • Pixel-perfect scaling, crisp video output.
  • Select any of 8 palettes: Red (default), yellow, green, cyen, blue, magenta, white, white inverted.
  • Install on either left or right eye displays, or both.
  • Two versions available: VGA and NTSC RGB.
  • Choose yourself between low-lag or no-tearing options.
  • Can fit inside the VirtualBoy unit itself.
  • Simple install, minimal wiring.

The relatively simple install requires you to solder a video output cable and palette switch (7 wires max.) to your VirtualTap, as well as modify your Virtual Boy’s shell to cut some holes for these.

More info at Furrtek.

You can also find source code for a servo board emulator on the VirtualTap Github repo. It emulates the mechanical parts of the optical system and basically just tells the mainboard that the displays are there and operating properly, while effectively replacing them. Using this, people have already created smaller consoles out of their modded Virtual Boy.

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