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A new preview version of VUEngine Studio has been released. Apart from the usual bug fixes and usability improvements, one highlight of this release is the ability to extract editors to secondary windows. Furthermore, a new second built-in emulator config allows you to wirelessly send ROMs to a Nintendo 3DS running the Red Viper emulator for quick testing.

Grab VUEngine Studio here.

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Nice, excellent work guys 👏

I get the error “procedure entry point “discardvirtualmemory” not found in the DLL VUEngine.exe”.
Is my windows OS too old? I am on Win 8.1 Pro 64-bit.

@abarth: Yes, looks like your OS is too old. I read that Win 8.1 would support that functionality, but perhaps you’re not on the very latest update? If you can, you should really update to Win 10 or 11. Or even Linux, if you want way faster building times. 🙂


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