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After spending nights staring at 3D Anaglyph pictures. i run into a Nintendo Virtual boy. I ask my dad about it. he said its junk. (thats not what i see from a emulater with 3 D glasses) i see pure beauty. I was 1 year old when this system was released. my dad said he was going to buy one. but saw all it was was little red lines. i want one to prove the system isnt junk. i LOVE 3D this system i must have. but i cant seem to find one in my price range. which is under 30$

everything thinks the system is a little to rare on ebay. they go up to atleast 120$ even though i told my dad ill waste my money on one just to prove how fun it is.

Can anyone find a site that sells used ones? some sites go to ebay auctions ;l

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I have one for sale on e-bay but it’s like $70.00 dollars starting bid from what your willing to pay 🙁 http://cgi.ebay.com/Virtual-Boy-System-Nintendo-Games_W0QQitemZ290236155107QQihZ019QQcategoryZ139971QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Have you tried looking in local gaming stores? Even the ones in my podunk town have some, and they’re within your price range. No games to speak of, though…

You could also go back in time to about 1996. Back then my local Toys ‘R’ Us was getting rid of it’s stock of brand new Virtual Boys for $30.00. (I still weep to this day for not taking advantage of it)


Well, that idea aside, I’m not too sure how easy it is to find a VB for $30. I myself would like to buy one for no more than $50 but no luck so far. No one sells it locally around here either.


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