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Hello.. i just bought a Virtual Boy off of Ebay… and it came with a crappy game (IMO) GOLF, and i would like to know what some good games are… I’m planning on getting TeleroBoxer and WarioLand.

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It depends on what you like. Marios Tennis is usually fun to pick up & play.
Wario Land is a definite if you like Mario/Wario adventure games.
I’ve never been much of a Telero fan, but others seem to like it.
Nesters Funky Bowling if also good, however harder to get.
I guess my favourite would be the puzzle games like Panic Bomber, V-Tetris and to an extent 3D Tetris.
Theres also Virtual League Baseball, but if you don’t like Golf/sports games then maybe its not for you.

Probably some others I can’t remember. Look at the main website for a complete list of VB games, however some of those games are rare/impossible to find.

Wario Land is definitely a must, it’s given me many hours of fun!
Another good one is Red Alarm. It’s a great shooter game with excellent 3-D effects.

Those are my two favorites. :thumpup:


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