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Well I try to unlock all the tracks and cars in Racing Evoluzione on Xbox… very taff game. πŸ™‚

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The gameplay is definitely very good, and overall, it is a whole lot of fun, but I miss the search and explore element that is found in Mario 64. Games these days seem to be getting too linear – the game forces you down a single path to take and there’s basically no need to go searching behind nooks and crannies within a world. With Mario 64, there was basically 2 or more ways to get every single star, and you didn’t have to get them in order, and finding some stars was part of the challenge. In this game, everything seems to be spelled out for you so far, which is how all of the first Mario Galaxy game was, in which I did manage to get all stars with both Mario and Luigi, so I don’t expect this game to be much different. In fact, it even seems to be more linear than Mario Galaxy. :-/

That’s true. If you come to the green stars in galaxy 2 there will be a little bit of exploring again. It can’t be compared to level of freedom 64 and sunshine, though.

I had “Startropics” in the box for a while and I finally gave it a chance and I liked it.

Played the end of Resistance 2 yesterday. I really like that game. Have to buy Resistance 3 as well.

Also played trough Rayman 3D. It was an ok game in the end but the 3D sometimes didn’t work right.

Started with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Only played the introduction level yesterday, but it seems like an good game. Will take some time until I am finished with that one though.

Playing Monster Max for the Game Boy at the moment, which is an under-appreciated gem.

Next up will probably be Gargoyle’s Quest (GB) or Metal Gear Solid (GBC).
I’m addicted to Game Boy games…

I beat Mario Galaxy 2 for the first time, didn’t quite get everything though, and am now on to Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the GameCube. As with Mario Galaxy 2, I bought this game at launch and never played it through, so it’s like a brand new game to me, and so far, it is looking very awesome, much like Mario Galaxy 2 turned out to be.

I Just started Sonic Generations for PS3 and I love it considering I never owned a Sega Genesis.

A kinda weird and long list for me as I am a console hardware collector and have a variety of systems……

Firstly (and obviously) I am enjoying Mario’s Tennis on the VB.

Then its Clock Tower on the SNES, Namco Museum on the Dreamcast(Courtesy of the SD interface. No discs for me…), Hydra on the Atari Lynx, Windjammers on the Neo Geo CD and finally Tearaway Thomas on the Amiga 600.

Occasionally, when I get some proper quality time i’m slowly playing through Grandia on the Sega Saturn. I promised myself I wouldn’t ‘rush through’ and give the game a proper playing. I am loving what i’ve played so far and I feel kinda sad that I cannot dedicate more of my life to RPG’s as I love Final Fantasy VII and so forth. A shame.

Still I don’t get bored in the traditional sense as I have waaaaaaaaay too much stuff to get through… πŸ™‚

I am still caught in the middle of Skyward Sword. I like it but it does not drag me as deep into it’s world as Twilight Princess did.

I also started playing Mario Tennis Open on my 3DS. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but for me it feels like there is not allot of strategy involved in the matches. I only played through the first 5 cups with Mario though.

So is 3DS worth owning????

Any good titles?

I own the 3DS since day one and I never regret buying it. I didn’t plan to buy it but I just couldn’t resist. There are actually some pretty good titles for it out there. Some of the obviously good titles are:

– Super Mario 3D Land
– Mario Kart 7
– Ocarina of Time 3D
– Resident Evil: Revelations
– Super Street Fighter IV – 3D Edition
– Star Fox 64 3D
– Dead or Alive Dimensions

And there are many more great releases announced. There is also allot of cool stuff available in the online store. I took my chance and bought the Mario titles that had been released for Gameboy, as I never played those.

I really like Super Mario 3D Land. The mix between 3D and 2D Mario games work really well, and I think I like it more than Super Mario 64, definately more than Sunshine (I dislike Mario Sunshine).

I will also be buying New Super Mario Bros 2. The “New Super Mario Bros” graphic style is getting old now, but a new 2D Mario title is always great, can’t pass that up.

My dream game for 3DS: A colorized remake of Virtual Boy Wario Land!

In the little time I get for gaming, I’m playing:

Red Faction: Armageddon (PS3)
A Boy and his Blob (Wii)
and (when the nephews are over…)
Lego Pirates of the Caribbean (Wii) or Lego Batman (PS3)

I hope to be playing Millipede (cocktail) soon, but it’s in pretty bad shape…

Having great fun playing Crystal Saga, a war based online game by lekool. It is considered as best browser games of the year.

Well yesterday i played PANIC BOMBER on the Virtual Boy.

But i also played Boom Street on the Wii.

I fink Boom Street its a nice game if you lika to play Mario Party games.

Panic Bomber (J)
V Tetris
Bound High via FlashBoy+

Those are the three games I am periodically playing on VB.

Been playing through the Kingdom Hearts game series, since the 3DS one just came out and it sort of reminded me I had always wanted to play the previous ones. I’m trying to play them more or less in order, story-wise, so right now I’m playing Kingdom Hearts 2 for PS2, and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for DS (when I’m out and about).

When I get a hankering, though, it’s hard to resist plunking down for some Galactic Pinball or Bound High. πŸ˜‰

I think I am done with Mario Open Tennis. After I discovered what I call the “Master-Startegy” I never lost a single Match again. After all it is an ok game but not great.

Luckily I got my New Super Mario Bros. 2 yesterday. I am already in the last world but I did not collect everything on the way, so I will be busy.

I also started playing Mortal Kombat on Vita. I have already beaten the Stoy-Mode on PS3, so I started playing the Bonus Challenge Tower. It is fun and heavily uses the capabilities of the Vita. However, I am stuck at challenge 35 or something. That fucker just resists to die.

Now I’m playing “Bound High” (VB) and “Guevara” (Famicom), known as “Guerilla War” in the US. In this Japanese game the first player played as Che Guevara and the second player was Fidel Castro !! ( obviously censored in the US ).

I just found a copy of “Silver Surfer” on NES. I’ve not managed to beat a single stage.
I’m also working on my high scores for my VB games so I can post stuff on the website!


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