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hi, im new, and i love the virtual boy, and the nintendo famicom, and i am very interested in prototype games. i am building my own flash cart right now to play Bound High!. Anyway on DogP’s site projectvb.com, there is an article about a faceball prototype, what happened to it? will it ever get dumped?

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I don’t know..but welcome to the site!

it probably wont be dumped until well after the few of us who care about it have lost interest. thats not me being cynical or using some weird psychology in an attempt to bait its release; i’m just being real. i’ve offered too much money to get it dumped and nobody bit so doubt its going to happen.

I rented faceball 2000 for SNES as a youngster. Rad game. It really sticks out in my mind as being a solid “3D” game on 2d consoles. I’m sure the VB release would have been the best of the bunch at the time. It was like a bouncing smiley face doom.


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