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My brother was playing Mario Clash on my Virtual Boy. (And I wish he disinfected his diabolical hands first) I was trying to plug in the headphones because I thought he would like it. While I was trying to poke the other end of the headphones into the headphone jack, it missed and nicked the back of my Virtual Boy. My brother told me that when I nicked it, I made the graphics and music freeze. Why does this happen? Can it be fixed?

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Were you plugging them into the correct side of the machine? If you tried to plug into the other side (near the controller wire) you may have either shorted something in the link port with the headphone connector, or bumped the controller plug itself. Does the VB still work? (i.e. what needs “fixed”?) If it still works after cycling the power, all you have to do is… not do that again 😛 Either plug in the headphones before powering on, or have the player pause so you can pick up the unit and do it correctly.


If your head is facing the Visor/Eyeshade (Whatever you call it) then the left side of the Virtual Boy is the side where the headphone jack is. I was poking it on the correct side, but the only other thing on that side is the volume slider/wheel, so I don’t see how I would short anything out.


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