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What is the best version of the Game Boy?

The original?
Play it loud?
Advance SP?
Advance SP M2?

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Obviously the latest Advance SP is the best one, because of the latest tech. (nostalgia aside).

I never thought the micro should even be called a Game Boy, since it it is the only model that can’t play Game Boy Games.

Play it loud is just the original in new colors, right?
And what is the Bright? I assume you mean the Game Boy Light?

Yes, I meant Light. Id rather win a Gameboy Micro in an arcade for 12,000 tickets instead of buying one.

I may like:


Aww c’mon, you started the same poll with reduced options only a few minuted after this one? WTF?! Other thread deleted.

Sorry, I did that because there were some GBs I already had or didn’t want.

somebody here needs attention 😀
i like the GB Micro but if you want to play also old GB games you should look for the SP but the latest model with backlit.
If you want to go for real oldshool, take the GB Color or Poket(Light). The Pocket has a real nice monocrome screen, very sharp. it gives you a great feeling while playing.
The Light is the same like the pocket but with light and AA batteries.

Fire-WSP wrote:
somebody here needs attention 😀

Or at least adult supervision 😉

i like the GB Micro but if you want to play also old GB games you should look for the SP but the latest model with backlit.

Or, you could get the Micro, a flash cart, and one of these.

I have an SP. 😛

Voted color because I had the most fun on that. Would probably found a original gba with backlight and an accu the best if thad existed (didn’t like the shape/butten layout of the sp).

While the newest SP with the brighter back-lit screen is what I enjoy playing on, The GameBoy Light was pretty cool in it’s day. I grew up in the days that you often needed a crappy 3rd party light just to be able to see the screen on car rides, etc. I Still don’t know what Nintendo was thinking when they released the GBC and first GBA without a lit screen since side-lit tech was relatively inexpensive.

I love my GBA SP. The one I liked most before that one was the Gameboy Pocket, because it had a fairly visible screen for its time while still definitely having that retro feel to it.

But, er, what’s the GBA SP Mark 2?

I think the SP is the best beacause of it’s design, and the fact that it can play all GB,GBC,and GBA games.

I voted original Gameboy!
its the one that started it all and (the first run) was bundled with Tetris! (in the USA at least 😛 )

I named my original Gameboy “Bleepei” which is the “Bleep!” startup noise + Gunpei, as a tribute to the Gameboy’s inventor! 😀

A version of the SP with a brighter backlight.

Yeah. The only problem about the GB in car rides is that whenever the car goes in a tunnel, you will want the light. It also feels weird how when you pick up something lighter than the GB, it feels weird.

GabrielHanson2000 wrote:
A version of the SP with a brighter backlight.

I read that the “mark 2” (actually model AGS-101) is this. Released mostly only in the US. I’m thinking of tracking one down since I get the screen brightness of a DS on the best type of GBA out there. 🙂

Between my Pocket, GBC, Advance, and SP, I don’t even want to contemplate how many hours upon hours I spent, haha. I’m most nostalgic for the Pocket and SP, though… had some really great times on both systems. (I had some really great times on ALL of them, but those two stand out in my memory particularly.)

I have every model, the best one is absolutely SP with brighter backlight. But my favourite to play advance games is micro! I’m playing right now Warioware Twisted on Micro, i finally got it on ebay!!!

SP is the best, the one with the brighter screen was called Game Boy Advance SP plus or +

I like the original GBA. Sure the screen isn’t backlit and my thumb usually covers the speaker while playing, but it’s more comfortable and feels like a controller, which the SP doesn’t.

I just realized Gabe left out the actual best GB: the Game Boy Player attachment for the Gamecube! Giant screen, controller that fits in your hand, no batteries, speakers that produce usable sound… The only category it loses in is portability, and who needs that from a game system? (be quiet all you train/bus commuters! :-P) Good thing I still haven’t voted 😛


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