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So we’re roughly one third through the competition timeframe, and it’s pretty quiet in here. One could almost forget the competition is running. I wonder, who is working on something or is planning to create something?

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well i heared the creators of the yeti3D demo and castle of doom was working on something so expect 1 game each from them otherwise I dont know what people are doing

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m gonna do anything. I haven’t had time to really get started on anything yet, and while it’s always fun to join a competition… really, it’s probably better if I don’t, since I’d likely end up releasing some half-finished new project, rather than just spending the time finishing something I’ve already started and could actually make worthwhile (but not win any prizes).

But… who knows… maybe I’ll come up with something that I just gotta make, and really get into gear with it. There’s PLENTY of time left. With Mario Kart, I basically spent a few weeks at the beginning of the competition and a few at the end… slacking for the months in the middle πŸ˜› . But at the moment, my feeling is that I’m probably out.

But I was thinking the same thing… who’s got cool stuff in the works?


I am planning on making an air hockey game. The plans also include for link play and the ability to use a mouse.

I can’t think of anything else, but if I have time and can come up with another idea then I will come out with something else (highly unlikely I will have time…)

But first I want to make a cartridge programmer so I can try Bound High on an actual VB :). So my actual game is on hold until I get that done.


I’m hard at work on my entry. I’m on a months vacation from work right now, so I’m giving it a little time almost every day.

I’m not going to reveal what it is just yet though, but it’s turning out to be pretty cool πŸ˜‰

I plan on entering GoSub 3D (fka GoSub 2) in. My deadline is October 30. Will probably be sooner, seeing as how I’m working on the game every day now.

Lets just hope its 4 games even if they are small and not some half finished demos that will never be finished like what happened with most games made in 2008 for the competition

Anyways good luck and let the best man win
Have not seen any women so far make a vb game πŸ˜›

Yep, is better 2 or 3 finished games than XXX unfinished demos. Actually, like MSXDEV Compo (http://msxdev.msxblue.com) all entries should be finished entries. Thanks to all the coders who still made games for our still impressive console πŸ˜€

I think that even if there is only 3 games its completely worth it, because theres new games to the VB community. Thanks for all who entered!


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