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Hello there…I’m realy new to the VB Scene…got my Unit a week ago and now I’m looking 4 the best Games to play….
I’ve bought Marios Tennis,Red Alarm,Vertical Force,Galactic Pinball and Wario Land…

Please Post your Top Ten of the Games u play most of the time on your VB.

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These are my top five favorite games:

Wario Land
Jack Bros.
Galactic Pinball
Mario’s Tennis
and Red Alarm.

And mine:
Wario Land
Space Squah
Vertical Force
Jack Bros
Red Alarm

Space Squash
Mario Clash
Nester’s Funky Bowling
Wario Land
It would be Galactic Pinball (in fact, it would be first), if I haven’t learned it, so I can play hours and hours on on set of 5. This way it became boring. So, it is…….
Mario Tennis

Hey dudes….
thanx for your Top 5’s ….I’m still waiting for some Games…for now I got to play Marios Tennis (it comes with my unit) and Galactic Pinball….
so It goes like this:

1. G. Pinball !!!!!!!!
2. M. Tennis

VIRTUAL BOY ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:thumpup: :woah: :woah: :woah: 😎

1 Galactic Pinball
2 Red Alarm
3 Wario Land
4 Marios Tennis
5 Vertical Force

now I am waiting for Space squash and Golf….

1. Panic Bomber
2. Wario Land
3. Vertical Force
4. Mario Clash
5. Red Alarm

Love Panic Bomber on the Turbo Grafx and Neo Geo, so its naturally one of my favs for the VB, a truly unique way of playing the best puzzle game ever created!!

I can’t beleive noone said 3-D Tetris! Well anyway here’s my faves:

1: Wario Land
2: 3-D Tetris!
3: Red Alarm
4: Vertical Force
5: Mario’s Tennis


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