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I personally find this to be the order of the best games, what are your Top 10?

1) Wario Land
2) Bound High!
3) Hyper Fighting
4) Panic Bomber
5) V-Tetris
6) Mario Clash
7) Mario Tennis
8) Faceball
9) Jack Bros
10) Waterworld

I think many would rate HF higher but I just don’t like fighting games as much as the other 2.

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That poor handful of games that didn’t make the cut, lol

Haha, accurate. I made it Top 10 because 5 would be to easy to guess.

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would you include demo’s? or unfinished games? Snatcher and VB racing would make my top 10 list…

Yes, you could include literally any VB game you want, even unfinished games. I never actually played all the way through Snatcher and I don’t believe I even tried VB racing. Clearly I need to if you would place them in your Top games.

So I watched videos, and wow VB racing has a ton of potential, to bad the project ended 8 years ago because it could have been something truly spectacular.

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My choices are in no real order other than #1 lol. I just absolutely LOVE side scrollers and platformers. I haven’t played much of the homebrew yet so I only have a couple on the list. The next series I do will focus on them though 🙂

1. Wario Land
2. Mario VB
3. Vertical Force
4. Red Alarm
5. Innsmouth no Yakata
6. Hyper Fighting
7. Galactic Pinball
8. Nester’s Funky Bowling
9. Space Squash
10. Jack Bros.

Mario VB would have been amazing if completed, I’m sure.

1) Hunter
2) Wario Land
3) Mario Tennis
4) Mario Clash (with DogP’s controller fix applied)
5) Jack Bros.
6) Snatcher Demo
7) Bound High!
8) Hyper Fighting Demo
9) Space Pinball
10) Red Alarm

Good list! Hunter is amazing, and yet another game I’d love to see completed.


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