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I’m interested in all 3D Game-Systems/expansions.

I own the 3D-Shutter Glasses for the Sega MasterSystem1 with all 3D Games,
I also own the Madtronix 3D Imager (3D Glasses for the Vectrex).

In my old PC (PIII 1GHz) I have a Grafikcard from Asus with 3D-Shutter Glasses.
With this I could play all D3D Games in real 3D, that was amazing but the eyes are burning after an hour playtime.

The Main Problem of the Shutter-Glasses is the incompatibility with tft screens.

Did you know/own other 3D Systems?

EDIT: Here is a trailer of the Sega 3D Mastersystem:



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  • This topic was modified 14 years, 8 months ago by Cobra71.
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Impressive! sadly i got no idea on any other 3d like things other then what youve listed and the virtual boy… dont those vectrex 3d imager things sell for around 500-1000 dollars? what is the vectrex 3d imager like? is it comfortable? hows it work ? what are the games like, isnt it 3d coaster and some others, with vectrex graphics too would be an experience, il also have alook at the video link you have there.

i always wanted a vectrex when i had the choice of a virtual boy to buy or a vectrex i decided id get more out of the virtual boy, probably still gonna get a vectrex (love all these portable-ish consoles with there own screen (like the psone with lcd screen, virtual boy, vectrex etc)

I own a repro from Madtronix, but if I had known how easy it is to build I had build my own one.

If you’re interestes in building Vectrex extensions, you should take a look at this site:


If you like portables with own screen, than you need a Treamcast…its a Dreamcast with own LCD Screen build in, buts it’s not from Sega.


It wasn’t exactly 3d, but I remember having a portable, head mounted game system with only one eye visor. the games were LCD panels with translucent vinyl backgrounds. The games would be projected onto the reflective visor so it was difficult to see in bright places and you could see through the display. The controller had ten buttons, very few of which were ever used.

It’s probably in my parents garage at the bottom of a box. I never played it much because the design had a serious flaw. It simply weighed too much. Inevitably, it would slide down while you were playing, and also stretch half the skin on your face rather uncomfortably (eyebrow vs. eye).


I fount it. It was the “R-Zone Headgear” made by Tiger. Apparently it may also have been “competition” for the Virtual boy….

Both, unfortunately, were market failures.


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