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When you use your Virtual Boy, do you point the legs away from your body, or towards your body? I personally point them towards. The examples of leg placement are below:

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I go for the setup in the top picture when using the official stand, but I mainly use my adjustable stand.

I believe Nintendo’s sanctioned way according to the manual is with the legs pointing away from you, so that the controller is behind the system and you look like you’re “hugging” the VB while in use. I play this way and it’s very comfortable. Holding the controller in front of me with the legs pointing towards my body makes me feel like I have T-rex arms and gets tiresome after a while.

Mine is like the top picture. I’m not even sure if I can put the stand backwords on my Japanese display..

The top image (legs facing away) is the correct way to play VB. If playing in comfort is the goal, you have to angle the VB so you look down into it with your hands “hugging” it with the controller behind the VB. The little example used as a background here on Planet VB is a quick way to get a back ache, but at least the legs are facing the right way.

Yes, AVGN was using the VB wrong during the entire length of the VB episode.

Ya, when I saw AVGN’s Virtual Boy review, I just used his setup. I switched it around yesterday and it does feel much more natural.

This topic almost sounds like it should be a poll.

As for me, my legs are spread-eagle, facing away during intense sessions!

i point mine towards, its always felt more stable to me

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