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A first preview release of “WiirtualBoy”, a Virtual Boy emulator for the Nintendo Wii has just been made available by raz0red and Arikado at the project’s Google Code page. It is a port of the Mednafen Virtual Boy emulator and supports remappable controls and an anaglyph mode.

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Thanks to thaddius for the news tip!

Nice, I’ll give it a try, not that I’m usually able to find a pair of glasses that works or set the colors correctly to make the anaglyphic mode work for me…

Works very nice, better anaglyphic feeling on my CRT TV than on my LCD computer screen no matter which color glasses I chose.

I tried it playing Bound High!
There’s a few quirks, slows down when I changed the screen size, the initial size seems a bit squeezed together but the game was flowing with no graphical jerks. Didn’t find anywhere to reset it to the initial settings. Also got a hang that resulted in me having to turn the Wii off after returning to the menu twice and then trying to resume the game.

There should be some optimized Wii setting, they all have the same specs so it should be possible to calculate it so you don’t have to play around with size and framerate etc.

Good work though Mednafen is a good emulator.


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