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Hi I have an extra Red Alarm thanks to BigMak.=D, and I would like to trade it for US Panic Bomber or US Galactic Pinball. I am willing to pay shipping both ways. I would prefer to trade within the U.S. because I can’t afford shipping otherwise. Thank you

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I still have an extra Galactic Pinball for sale if you want it. Sorry I didn’t get scans for you earlier, but home was kind of busy, haha.

I don’t need RA, though, so if you only want a trade I can’t help.

Thanks for your answer. Hold on to GP. if you still have it after Christmas and it’s U.S. version I am absolutely interested.

I very likely will! haha.

Not to steal business or anything… but I do have an extra Red Alarm, too. I don’t have GP, so if you wanna trade with me, I can.

No hard feelings sw201444.Money for me is hard to come by if you want to pay for GP from Jrronimo that’s ok, He’d probably rather get the money sooner than later.

If he replies back I may do that! But If you want it you can have it. I mean its up to you, man. 🙂 I an just on a quest to get each American release!

jrronimo wrote:
I very likely will! haha.

How much would you want for it, BTW?

BTW, I just got it on ebay! It’s all yours 🙂


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