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I was wondering (no pun intended) is there a Wonderswan fan site in English? or even a active Wonderswan fan site at all? (in any language, not just including Japanese)

Sure the Wonderswan did not release in any non-Asia countries (I once saw a box for a Chinese-version of the Wonderswan, so it did release outside of Japan) but it takes less batteries than the Virtual Boy (and the Gameboy!) and has a gameboy-like screen, so wouldn’t that make it more popular than the Virtual Boy? therefor if the Virtual Boy has a fan site, the Wonderswan should too (not that I have anything against the VB, of course)

Plus, the Wonderswan isn’t some random Japanese toy almost nobody knows of, as the great Gunpei Yokoi designed this handheld! surely that makes it more noticed…

Also, with the PSP and DS versions of Gunpey, wouldn’t more people look up what handheld first had this neat puzzle game on it?

And, theres a lot of Anime-based games for the Wonderswan, so the community of Anime watchers who watch things like Gundam would take notice of this handheld if they were looking up games of said Anime

The Wonderswan also had three different versions: The original Wonderswan, which is similar to the Gameboy (and even somewhat like the Virtual Boy, with the two D-Pads, the battery power on-screen (except the VB only shows a battery on-screen when it needs new batteries) and the plastic cartridge dust covers are also somewhat similar) slightly-more-advanced-than-original-Gameboy graphics and is faster than the Gameboy and only took 1 battery!

The Colo(u)r Wonderswan, which is similar to the Gameboy Col(u)r and its competitor (its kinda funny, how two colo(u)rized versions of Yokoi inventions were competitors to each-other) and had games that could only be played on it and not the original Wonderswan! of course, the Colo(u)r games also worked on the third version which is…

The SwanCrystal! which had a few small changes from the Colo(u)r Wonderswan (and I think some games had special extras if you played them on a SwanCrystal instead of a Wonderswan Colo(u)r, sorta like the DSi, it gives you extras in certain DS games)

…Anyways, is there already a (still-active and updated) Wonderswan fan site?

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