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I’m just trying it out on one screen to see how it would look… this is the status as of now:

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A real color version would have more shades on the pants… but I’m not real. *disappears into thin air*

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Version 2:

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With a setting on the fill tool I got it to fill all colors with another color so to speak, thats why the background is all brown, which I will change later on.

Also I guarantee Gunpei Yokoi would have textured the sprites really well if he had the opportunity for colorizing the Virtual Boy.

It would be well textured.

http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u68/Evil_Vlad/qG7YH.png Like this.

Now it looks like he peed his pants..

Do you at least like the head details? I tried to make it look good.

Ah yes, I see Wario has eyes now, hahaha =)

I based it on 3D models of Wario, I even gave him the purple eye makeup.

looks some like wario dx for gameboy color, nice job yours!


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