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I bought my FlashBoy a while back, but have not had much time until recently to try it.

I have now tried it in 2 different PC’s with 2 different USB Cables (One which is quite short that I use for my Western Digital USB HDD, and I think the other which is quite long came with the VecFlash).

Every time I try and flash a game to it, it erases OK and then starts writing the game and then shows WRITE ERROR at 3% every time. I have attached a screenshot.

Could anyone please help me?


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I’ve got the same problem with the most recent version of the software but not with the former.
What does it mean ?

It means that the latest version of the software does not work with all flashboys. I have the same problem with it. Just use the older version software that came with the flashboy.

What is the difference between recent flashboys and the first ones ?

Just different components in them I think… on a user level they should be identical though (same features, capacity, etc.)

Yep, we used different components like different flash chips, which required different methods to write to them. Also, the PCB got redesigned once.


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