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Hey gang,

Looking to find a way to buy the inner trays of Virtual boy game boxes which hold the game. Does anyone have a site to recommend? Thanks so much in advance! For some reason I’m missing about 3-5 of them but don’t mind buying more in case of the future. Michael

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I have about 50 of them, along with baggies, the Nintendo Power ads, and the generic virtual boy manual. Shoot me a PM.

i’m loiking for inner trays too.
Is there somewhere tobuy some ?
Is there an image to print ?
I Found this :
but it doesn’t suit perfectly.
Thanks !

I’ve designed one, slightly simplified to reduce unneeded curves. It’s sized for 8.5″x11″ paper. Most printers can handle 65lb cardstock which makes a decent paper for printing these, thought thicker is better. You will need a printer that can handle borderless printing. Also you will need a ruler and an exacto knife for some of the cuts. But they come out pretty good, the sizing is exact (other than the reduced curves), and the fit is perfect.

Another note on printers, many stretch the image slightly, so you might want to print, check the sizing guide for inaccuracy, then resize the image to cancel out whatever your printer messes up.


Here’s a picture of the final product if you get it to print properly.


Thanks a lot !!!


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