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Hello! My Virtual Boy stand medallion (Picture linked) is cracked and about to break. I was wondering if anyone has an original piece that they’re willing to sell. You can message me at grandmassoupp@gmail.com. Thank you.

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Hi Jack Suemnick, welcome to the PWB Community!
I recommend this replacement stand, it’s not original nintendo
but it works perfect.
28,95$ is a fair price.


I, however, do not recommend that replacement stand, because the one I received was not made well. The legs don’t snap into place like an original, and the legs themselves don’t quite have the same shape, which results in a wobbly stand with a bit of a tilt to it.

If the only part of your original stand that’s broken is the medallion, maybe look into getting a reproduction medallion, either 3D-printed or, if you can find one, one of the metal ones.

There’s this old trick that I don’t think many people know about.

If the medallion is cracked but can still hold the legs in place, then you can always remove both the stabilizers and place one between the legs for support.

But this is really just good as a temporary solution until one finds a proper replacement medallion.


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