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Hello everyone, it has been a long time since my last visit (I had a looooot of problems in my job, and it’s still not fixed yet).

I’m actually searching for one of these awesome VB video out boards Furrtek made last year. Long story short: I e-mailed him a few years ago to ask him if this kind of stuff was ever doable, and he answered yes. After a few mails we got to the point that he would design a board then contact me again. Then he forgot and we never discussed again.

And now I found that he finally made it, and I missed the campaogn !! You easily understand how sad I am. And Furtekk is a busy man, so he doesn’t answer my mails anymore :'(

So, is there someone who would sell his board to me ? I have a homemade display kiosk which is just missing this board, paused about 3 years ago…

Thanks a lot to have taken the time to read through this post.

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Welcome back! Hopefully someone here has one that they can spare, but if not RetroDan has said he intends to do another run in the future. He has asked for patience though because his run is not eminent so keep an eye on the below thread if you don’t get a board from the community now.


I have a spare rgb version board. Let me know if you’d be interested.


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