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Looking to buy the following US titles:

– Wario Land (either CIB or box + manual)
– Mario Clash (CIB)
– Vertical Force (CIB or box + manual)
– Tennis (CIB or box)

Also potentially interested n “not for resale”‘s.

Please PM me with pictures and asking price. Thanks!

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Actually right now eBay prices are low, so I’d go that route if I were you. I just checked up on games and they are lower boxed then they have been in quite some time.

Ha! Interesting comment from a VB expert (based on your status – admittedly I am newbie in VB)

Ok, I might follow your advise… I have been monitoring eBay for a few days now and actually a week or two ago VB prices were even slightly lower.

Comparing to other retro consoles that I am watching on eBay for a few years now this a big surprise!



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